Breakthrough Properties



Responsible Investment Policy

Breakthrough Properties recognizes the importance of responsible management and considerate corporate governance. We realize the opportunities those values provide to benefit our investors, partners, clients, employees, communities, and vendors.

As an active developer, manager, and owner of real estate investments around the world, Breakthrough Properties is committed to Responsible Investment, which we define as the integration of environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) considerations throughout our business, in the belief that such factors positively impact performance.

Throughout our investment lifecycle, we work to balance environmental, social and economic challenges and opportunities, tailoring our approach for each asset to meet the specific needs and requirements of the environment and communities in which it operates.

We seek to develop environments that reflect the local ecology, amplifying the ecosystem in which each of our properties resides and our commitment to the surrounding community. This holistic breadth enables us to tailor our development approach according to the nature of each asset while addressing the vision of our many stakeholders. We acquire, invest in, design and develop assets that can be delivered to our high standards, always seeking to provide long-term, sustainable infrastructure.

This approach supports the aspirations of many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we are committed to increasing our contribution to achieving the goals in the future.

The same proprietary framework, which entails a checklist of ESG considerations, is applied to all real estate investment opportunities and holdings controlled by Breakthrough Properties, regardless of type, class, or market.

This Responsible Investment Policy was developed by Breakthrough Properties and will be reviewed and updated by the company’s ESG Task Force, subject to approval of the Board. To ensure compliance with this Responsible Investment Policy, Breakthrough Properties requires that any memorandum submitted to its Board in connection with any proposed new transaction or any request for approval to commence construction on a project include a dedicated and detailed section on ESG considerations. Additionally, materials provided in connection with quarterly asset reviews will include a dedicated section on ESG updates for each asset.